They say horses are in your blood and that they are, especially for our founder Gretchen. Growing up in a small Northern California farming town, she was always finding ways to convince her parents to buy her a horse. Being practical, they always said she would grow out of it. They were mistaken, horses are ingrained in her, something she has been always drawn too. In 2014, Gret and her husband Adam, established their home ranch 7 miles from her childhood home. Their boutique facility is home to their family and horses. You often find her at the barn spending countless hours with her four-legged loved ones. Both Gretchen and her daughter Emma show their equine partners on the AQHA All-Around circuit. Competing for fun, no hour is ever wasted spent in the saddle.

Rooted in horses, both sides of her family share in the love for God’s creation. Gret’s great uncle immigrated from Germany, settling in Half Moon Bay, California where he bred and raised Thoroughbreds. Her German family still rides dressage horses today in the Bavaria region. Her father has fond memories of his childhood horse, “Duke.” This passion is shared from generation to generation.

Gret strives to create a brand and company that is founded in the American Dream. Her prayer is to cultivate a brand for confident equestrians to share in our passion! She hopes to empower women to be proud of their imperfectly perfect self’s. She strives to provide an opportunity to work with small lot brands that encompass quality products for both the horse and rider. She is always seeking pretty, practical and proven products for herself and her heart horses! Gret has an extensive business background in cultivating relationships for success by creating innovative brand and strategy. With the hope of inspiring many, Gret desires to empower Emma to follow her dreams. During the 2020 pandemic, Gret took a leap of FAITH, and Groom Tote was founded.


Emma’s favorite things are barn days and horse shows with saddles and bridles. All things horses keep this girl in motion. Emma’s entrepreneurial spirit lead her to found her own brand, Unicorn Tote. Her creative mind, appeal to style and imagination make for a perfect fit for sourcing products. Emma is an all-around rider who loves the speed of ranch riding, pose of the English discipline and the challenges of patterned events. Emma dreams to be a veterinarian with the hopes of riding on an equine collegiate team one day!